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Welcome to Creative Writing Institute's annual short story contest. This is going to be our biggest and best contest yet. If you have never entered a fee based contest, you are doing yourself a disservice. The competition is much less and your chances of winning are much better. Our fee is very small and it helps fund our nonprofit charity contest, so please think about it.

 We will publish the first, second and third place winners and seven additional Judge's Choice stories in our fifth annual anthology, along with best-selling guest authors and stories written by Creative Writing Institute's staff. The prizes are [drum roll, please]:

 First place:

* $150 and Gold eMedal OR a free, privately tutored writing course valued at $260

 Second place:

* $100 and Silvery eMedal OR $200 applied toward a privately tutored writing course

 Third place:

* $50 and Bronze eMedal OR $125 applied toward a privately tutored writing course

 Fourth and Fifth place:

* Finalist eMedal

 For the First Time -- the Lucky Draw!

* The lucky draw will receive a donated Norton AntiVirus Package for five computers, valid for one year; however, the Norton Package will only open for USA residents. Our apologies, but this is beyond our control.

 eMedals: You will love the classy eMedals. Make them any size you want. Post them on your site and on social media.

 Revealing Anthology Cover: For the first time, we are revealing our cover for the next anthology, which will be entitled "LOST" and is available on our website

The theme sentence is: "I am completely and utterly lost."  Be sure to use it in your story.


•   Open genre

•   One prize per person

•   Entry fee: $5 per submission

•   Submit each story individually

•   Must be between 1,500 and 2,000 words.

•   Story may not have been published before.

•   No swearing, profanity, explicit sexual scenes, graphic violence, etc.

•   Your story must include this theme sentence: "I am completely and utterly lost."

•   Winners agree to minor editing rights and will grant first, non-exclusive, electronic rights.

•   All Rights return to the author upon publication.

•   Accepting submissions until August 31, 2017, midnight, USA Eastern Standard Time.

•   Apply the theme sentence to an emotional state, a physical location, fighting illness, or any other application that comes to mind.

•   Copy and paste your document into

     Emailed attachments will not be accepted. Direct questions to our head judge, Jianna Higgins, at   


Creative Writing Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity that sponsors cancer patients in writing courses. We are an online writing school that operates continuously, since each student receives a private tutor. Our volunteer staff monitors the library, posts social media, writes blogs and articles, puts out the newsletter, locates graphics and etc. Even if you aren't a writer, we have easy jobs that you can do in ten minutes a day. Write to our CEO and request an application. One person CAN make a difference!